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Life Disrupted

Next Open Enrollment: June 17, 2019

Prodigy Paws has seen anxious dogs in so many different forms and has been able to put many dogs on the path to recovery. Living with a dog that has anxiety is tough and if you have just made a major change in your life such as a move than you know that it can get worse if it’s not managed the best way possible.
In the course Life Disrupted we will explore the path to recovery to create a relaxed environment not just for your dog but for you too!

In this course we will cover so much information including:

  • Defining Your Dog’s Anxiety
  • The Role You Play and Using it to Benefit Your Dog
  • Finding the Right Tools to Aid in Your Dog Specifically
  • Steps to Recovery
  • When to Seek Medical Assistance

You will also receive 2 Virtual Training Sessions where you will have the opportunity to discuss your dog with a trainer to get the best results.

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