Online Dog Training

Prodigy Paws is proud to offer online dog training courses!

  • Virtual Dog Training has been designed just for you!
    • Each student that enrolls in a dog training course will experience a personalized training approach.
  • It fits into your busy Schedule!
    • Do you travel often? Work a lot? Have a busy family? We work with your schedule to provide the guidance you need to work with your dog.
  • Just got a puppy?
    • There’s no need to wait on vaccinations to get started training, you can train in the comfort of your own home!
  • Wide Range of Training!
    • Virtual training isn’t just to learn the basics. It can be used to solve problem behaviors such as mouthing, jumping, barking, and in some cases, reactivity.

Ready to get started? Use the button below to schedule your first session!

Have more questions? Ask us anything below!

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