Emily is very passionate about training. Having had worked with and for her in the past, I can assure you that she has the knowledge and ability to correct any behavior! If you have a pet that needs training… Choose Prodigy Paws!


We have a dog that has aggression outside and we did and evaluate and 1 lesson so far with Emily and he’s already showing so much improvement! It’s not just for us but you can tell my dog has so much less worries and anxiety thanks to her! If y’all are anything like my husband and I we just want the best life for our dog and any dog will benefit with working with Emily!!!


Emily is currently working with my dog and in a short amount of time I’ve seen so much improvement with him! She’s helped us to work with him on giving him some much needed confidence.


Emily is amazing and kind and works so well with my pup. I never thought my dog could overcome her bad listening habits or ever be taken in public until she trained with Emily. 10/10 she’s the best!

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